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Home    September 19, 2014
Laptop Scholarship Program to Disadvantaged Kids in Saint Louis City School District

The Wendl Foundation is currently conducting a pledge drive in order to provide funding to purchase laptop computers for disadvantaged students in St. Louis. The laptops are used to access a number of online educational courses and resources for home-schooled students. This provides an alternative to the St. Louis public schools, which are some of the worst in the country. A laptop opens a whole new world for a student but their families are unable to afford one. Please help us achieve our goal of raising $100,000 by viewing our video presentation at Thank you for your interest.

See Funding Campaign
Funding Campaign starts Friday, July 25, 2014.
Wendl Foundation Approved By Guide Star

The Wendl Foundation has been awarded the seal of approval from GuideStar.

GuideStar USA, Inc. is an information service specializing in reporting on nonprofit organizations in the United States. In 2010, their database contained over 5 million nonprofit organizations. GuideStar helps close the knowledge gap in the nonprofit sector and allows the most transparent organizations to use their seal of approval. The GuideStar Exchange is a program that connects transparent and credible nonprofits with donors interested in transparency and full disclosure in the organizations they choose to support. The Wendl Foundation has taken the time to disclose all of its financial information and has earned the right to use the GuideStar seal of approval.

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