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Privacy Policy    December 11, 2019
Wendl Foundation Privacy Policy Statement

The Wendl Foundation understands your concerns about privacy on the Internet and takes them very seriously. When a donation is provided to our nonprofit organization, your personal information and donation amount is strictly confidential. After processing a donation, we will never sell or disclose any of your personal information including your email address to any third party.

By visiting us online, a donation to the Wendl Foundation is handled through PayPal which is a secure socket that encrypts the data you provide. We also attempt to limit the amount of information collected from you to process your donation.

Like other nonprofit organizations that depend on visitors such as libraries and museums, the Wendl Foundation only collects aggregate information on the number and frequency of visits to various parts of our site. This information is collected so we can make improvements and increase the quality level of the experience for those that visit us online in the future.

Feel free to contact us via email to change any of the personal information sent to us with your donation.

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