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Education    December 11, 2019
Education Initiative of Wendl Foundation

Part of Wendl Foundation's initiative is to support online education and the virtual school movement. Below are the short and long term goals of the foundation.

Short Term Goal

The Wendl Foundation supports the virtual school movement by providing laptop computers to inner city children in St. Louis that qualify for the federal free and reduced student lunch program.  The free laptop computer will be biased to a parent already homeschooling their child or planning on enrolling in one of the many accredited virtual schools available online.

   Wendl Foundation Free Laptop Application

Long Term Goal

A barrier that parents face that would prefer to enroll their child in a virtual school is the fact they have to work during the daytime, leaving their child unsupervised at home. To alleviate working parents of this barrier to virtual school enrollment, our long term goal is build out virtual school support centers in various churches and community centers in the city of St. Louis. By providing virtual school support centers located strategically throughout the city of St. Louis, children that own a laptop computer can log on to their virtual school and work at their own pace under adult supervision. The virtual school support centers would be smaller in size and decentralized to reduce the risk of repeating some of the challenges that overcrowded government schools deal with on a daily basis.

Eliminating some of the barriers that poor parents in the city of St. Louis face in accessing a K-12 virtual school will be the focus of the Wendl Foundation benevolent activity over the immediate future. By subsidizing laptop computers for kids and building out virtual school support centers, we hope to improve the quality of education for those most in need in the St. Louis area. 


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