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About    December 11, 2019
Organization Backgrounder

Below is a list of objectives the Wendl Foundation is focusing on in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


By providing laptop computers to St. Louis children, the Wendl Foundation is providing assistance to parents who are homeschooling their children. The laptop computer is a way for children to connect to the outside world and gain access to vast amounts of information including many of the new virtual schools that are springing up at affordable tuition rates.

Our objective is to empower poor children living in the city of St. Louis to educate themselves. Our city of St. Louis public school system is currently unaccredited and not meeting the minimum standards for reading and mathematics. Too few of our parents living in St. Louis cannot afford to have their child opt out of the failing public school system by attending an expensive brick-and-mortar private school. There are only so many private scholarships available for inner city children and the seating is limited for the small number of charter schools in existence. What is a poor parent to do living in the St. Louis city limits if none of the traditional educational alternatives to a government school is available to them? Through the distribution of laptop computers, children have a new way to gain knowledge and bypass the current barriers in place to a quality education. 

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